Beginners Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Who Else Wants to Discover the Astonishing Saltwater Fishing Secrets That Enable You to Catch More Fish Than You Ever Dreamed Possible, your Very First Time Out on the Water?

If you have ever wanted to reach your full potential as a saltwater fisher, if you have ever wanted to become the best fisher in your circle of friends anid acquaintances, then this is definitely the ebook for you!

Hello, my name is Jason Pell and over the years I have helped thousands of wannabe fishers learn how to catch saltwater fish like crazy!

And now I want to help you as well.

Thats why I have spent the past six months researching, writing and perfecting my new ebook, The Beginners Guide to Saltwater   Fishing.This ebook is a comprehensive yet quick to read and easy to follow guide that is guaranteed to help you catch more saltwater fish than you ever dreamed possible or your money back!

Just look at some of what you will learn on the pages of this valuable ebook:

     How to saltwater fish like an expert your first time out  and catch more fish than everyone else on the boat put together!

      Famous saltwater fisherman, and the secrets they used to catch fish like crazy!

     The differences between saltwater and freshwater fish, you may be very surprised at what you read here!

    The tremendous effect tides have on saltwater fishing, and how to use this knowledge to more than double your catch of saltwater fish!

     How to easily pinpoint where, and at what tidal levels, the fish you’re seeking congregate, once you learn how to do this, your friends will think you are nothing short of a magician!

     The perfect time to saltwater fish, once you learn this you’ll be well on your way to catching all the saltwater fish you want and then some!

     How to use the weather to your advantage when saltwater fishing, learn to do this properly and you’ll be forced to throw fish back or risk having your boat sink from the weight of your catch!

     What equipment you’ll need to saltwater fish, and how to easily pick the highest quality, yet least expensive pieces!

     Three things to look for in a rod, failure to find a rod with all three of these qualities will leave you frustrated and end up costing you money in the long run!

     How to surf fish, inland (estuary) fish, ocean fish, troll tackle, and fly fish, plus, what equipment is essential for each, nothing can impede success like not having the right equipment for the job, find out exactly what you need here!

This eBook Will Have You Saltwater Fishing Like an Expert in No Time, So Fast In Fact That It is Almost Unfair!

Finally, the tips and secrets you need to know to consistently catch saltwater fish are all available in one convenient, inexpensive ebook.

Read this ebook and you will learn to saltwater fish with the grace, power and precision of the pros! You’ll also save money by eliminating your need for a fishing instructor and by not having to use trial and error to find the right equipment!

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