Best fishing reels

Bearings will determine how smooth a reel will be. You need to try different reels in the store and see for yourself. 
If you pick up a reel w/ 4 or 5 ball bearings and it feels as smooth as one with 8 and costs $50 less, you have to determine if the cost is worth it. I would reccomend 4 ball bearing minimum. Keep in mind beaings can be made out of cheaper material.

Best fishing reels

You also need to choose a reel for the type of fishing you are doing. What I mean by this is gear ratio. The higher the ratio 
the faster the reel will bring in line. Downside: the higher the number the less torque the reel will have. For most light 
freshwater applications (say a 7′ medium fast spinning rod with 6-10 lb test line) a gear ratio of between 4:1 and 6:1 will be fine. I know customers who have purchased the 7.2:1 gear ratio on reels and use them for a real fast bait retrieve while fishing for bass with spinner baits or top water baits.

In regards to the drag system and ball bearings, even if a reel has 8 or 9 ball bearings if the drag sytem is poor, the reel isn’t worth much. You’ll have a choice of front or rear drag. While rear drag reels are easier to adjust, they don’t have the “guts” of a front drag reel. 
Front drag reels usually have larger multiple washers (usually teflon) than rear drag reels. 

When all is said and done you should find a very good reel with at least 4 ball bearings, a 4:1 gear ratio for more power or a 6:5 to a 7:2 gear ratio for faster retrieve rate and preferably front drag (spinning reel) for under $100. You can find some very nice Shimano reels for $75.00 to $90.00 that would fit this bill nicely. The Shimano Sahara spinning reel is very smooth and it comes in various sizes for different fishing applications. 

If you can afford to pay for a good spinning reel then shell out a few more dollars and get one with as many bearings as there are available. Bearings that are sealed and corrosion resistant will last longer. The frame material should be considered as well in your planning. Graphite framed reels can break below where they are attached to rod. An aluminum framed reel will last longer and be more durable. The difference in strength far surpasses any weight savings from graphite.

Ball bearings help a piece of machinery move more smoothly. In a reel there are generally several little balls captured between two concentric circular parts, one circle connected to the body of the reel and the other to the part which turns (the handle, for example). As the handle turns, the little balls roll and let the handle turn more easily. Old or cheap reels which don’t have bearings rely on grease to keep turning smoothly, and they can stick or jam, especialy with heavy use or when pulling on a big fish. 

More bearings help these parts move more smoothly, especially under the pressure of winding against a heavy fish. However, as long as the ball bearings are there, a difference of one or two probably won’t make much of a difference. Please keep in mind also that there can be ball bearings in the handle assemble that count in the total of bearings that are built in the reel. They are not always in the body of the reel. So again, the more ball bearings the better. 

For wide spool technology and longer casts the US Reels are the best fishing reels. US Reel company has gone through new ownership and these reels may not be available for too long until someone else buys the company. If you are a big fan of these reels, like I am, get them today before they are all gone. Call Jeff at 414-587-2968 for models available or if you have any questions. 

Best saltwater fishing reels | Avet,Daiwa,Penn,Okuma

When you walk into your local sporting goods store to purchase equipment for a saltwater fishing trip, you might be floored by the sheer number of options. Not only are there multiple pieces of equipment that you must have, but you also must choose between different types, and then take it one step farther and choose a certain brand. One such crucial piece of equipment is the saltwater fishing reel. Your saltwater fishing reel could mean the difference between catching the big one or telling the story about the one who got away, so choose wisely!

saltwater fishing reels

First, look at the gear ratio on each saltwater fishing reel you are considering buying. The gear ratio essentially tells you how many times youll have to turn the handle to make one complete turn of the spool. Think of it like the gears on the bike. Your best choice here depends on how you plan to use the saltwater fishing reel. A high gear ratios is better for quickly reeling in the line or gaining line when the fish charges the boat. However, a saltwater fishing reel with a low gear ratios will give you more power when youre bottom fishing or trolling. Use a saltwater fishing reel that has a gear ratio that will work for your specific situation.

The level wind mechanism on a saltwater fishing reel is also important if you choose a bait casting reel. The level wind mechanism works back and forth along the spool to evenly draw in the line. This can be very convenient for keeping your line neat and tidy. However, if you will be fishing in salt water, you will often need to use a near heavy line. Level wind mechanisms cannot easily wind heavy line, and so a good saltwater fishing reel may be better without this addition.

Check out also the ball bearings of the saltwater fishing reel. All fishing reels have ball bearings, so dont be lured to a package advertising this. The key is to find a saltwater fishing reel that has a higher number of ball bearings. The ball bearings will keep you line reeling smoothly, so the more ball bearings, the more smooth the movement of the spool as your reel in your catch of the day.

Remember, you typically get what you pay for. If you spend only a few dollars on a saltwater fishing reel, you may find that it is broken or the line is tangled by mid-morning. This can be very frustrating. The more expensive saltwater fishing reel will truly help you to catch the largest fish possible.

When choosing the type of saltwater reels you want to use, you may want to consider where you’ll be fishing. Different reels, much like other saltwater equipment, are geared toward different uses and will come in handier in some areas of the open waters than others. For example, Daiwa has a line called Steez that produces reels, rods, and line, all of which it touts as bass gear.

However, if you are going to be fishing for inshore saltwater species, the lightweight powerhouse spinning reel works as one of the best reels available. There are two models of this particular line of reels, one weighing 6.9 ounces and the other 7.1 ounces. They are made of magnesium, titanium, and other lightweight composites and inside, they contain super-corrosion-resistant ball bearings, great for saltwater use.

One of the most well known, recognizable names is Penn Spinfisher. The latest in this line of reels is the Spinfisher SSm, available in three different sizes. It has a full-metal body, five ball bearings, and infinite anti-reverse for solid hook-sets and smooth performance.

These saltwater reels are made purposely to withstand a harsh saltwater environment and have a balance rotor for wobble-free performance. This reduces the fatigue caused to the angler. Coupled with Penn’s Leveline spool-wrap, the throw is consistent and the line will lay a flat and level spool wrap on every retrieval, making this combination one of the best you can use.

The frames of these are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that is also a high-strength material, meaning that you have a reel that is incredibly strong while still maintaining a minimal weight. The full-metal body of Penn’s reels is superior to those of other companies that manufacture their reels of either graphite or a combination of graphite and metal because the aluminum alloy is stronger and will hold up better against the force and pressure of a trophy-sized saltwater fish, some of which can be extremely large and vicious in their fight for freedom.

Even under extremely intense pressure and loads, these saltwater reels maintain their alignment and have the torque to reel in whatever may be on the other end of the line.

One of the reasons that the Spinfisher SSm reels are so well thought of is the redesigned drag knob, which seals out saltwater and contaminants and is supported by a stainless steel main shaft.

This maintains the integrity and alignment of the SSm saltwater reels, even during huge drag loads caused by hard fights between fish and anglers.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best saltwater fishing information possible. Get more information on saltwater reels here:

US Reels | Benefits of US Reels

The Benefits of the U.S. Reel Supercasters Spinning Reels

You want to try something new in a spinning reel? The U. S. Reel company has invented a superb spinning reel with many features and benefits that can make your fishing experience outstanding! These reels are up to 50% lighter when they are compared to other spinning reels with similar spool diameters. They are made of super light carbon fiber components which is the same material used in the B-2 Stealth bomber, plus its as strong as it is light. If you want to cast a long distance with accuracy, this is the reel for you. Casting distance is one of its defining features because of the wide spool. It will out cast any other spinning reel with a “long-nose”.

US Reels

Another great benefit of these “supercasters” is less line twisting and low line memory. The supercasters wide spool design significantly reduces line twisting which has always been a major draw back of using spinning reels. These reels also come with a new type of drag system that starts faster and with less effort than other spinning reels does. They have a patent pending system that will maintain a smooth, steady pressure from the time you set the hook, until you bring it in the boat.

The Supercaster weighs less than most 1000 size reels, yet you can do the same job as a 1000-4000 size spinning reels. No other reel on the market today can match that! These are high performance reels used in fresh water or salt water to catch Bass, Walleye, Redfish, Snook, Northern Pike, Trout, Salmon, Panfish and many more species of fish.

The supercaster is also a great reel if you prefer to use braid. Other benefits include a spool lip within easy reach regardless of the spool position, making it much easier to feather or pitch casts. A spool arbor is included to adjust line capacities and eliminate backing for many fishing conditions. The arbor is also sticky to make it difficult for braid to slip.

Other Features:

Stainless Roller Bearings, Aluminum or carbon fiber body SX – Composite- XL, Spools made from Aluminum, Spool shaft is stainless steel, Handles up to 30lb test of braid line and 16lb test of mono.

The Supercasters are the perfect choice for any fishing application.

The SX Series features lightweight carbon-fiber components, SDS Drag System, four ABEC I stainless steel ball bearings, and wide spool design for long, smooth, accurate casts. The 240 SX has an aluminum body.

U.S. Reel warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this product will be free from non-conformities in material or workmanship for the period of one year from the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt for all warranty claims.

To request warranty repairs (or non-warranty service), send your reel, postage pre-paid, to the U.S. Reel Warranty Service Center nearest you (as may be posted at or to:

Retailers and wholesale outlets are not required or authorized to perform warranty repairs or exchanges on behalf of U.S. Reel (unless they are an authorized repair center), nor are they authorized to modify this warranty in any way. In the case of warranty repair requests within one year of purchase date, a dated sales receipt must accompany the warranty claim. For returns originating outside the U.S.A., additional charges may apply. The original purchasers exclusive remedy hereunder is the repair or replacement of reels not in material compliance with U.S. Reels provided specifications. The product will be repaired or replaced at U.S. Reels discretion.


Freshwater fishing tackle at great prices

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