Daiwa Black Gold Spinning Reels

No one is harder on tackle—no one expects more from it than Key West guiding legend Ralph Delph and his sons Rob and Mike. And only one reel meets their expectations consistently, reliably, time after time—Daiwa BG. As Ralph puts it, “As hard as we fish, even with routine maintenance, it’s amazing any reel can hold up to it. But we have some BG’s that are over 16 years old and still going strong. You just can’t expect more from a reel.” (Ready for some serious fishing action? Check out the Delph web site www.delphfishing.com)

Daiwa Black Gold Spinning Reels

Black Gold (BG) Features:

    * Strong metal construction. Rigid metal frame will not flex under heavy loads so drive train stays in perfect alignment

    * Comfortable wooden grip

    * High performance drag with combinations of Teflon® and stainless steel washers

    * Folding handle for easy storage and transport

    * Corrosion-proof hard anodized finish

    * Rugged, precision gearing and stainless steel mainshaft

    * Three stainless steel ball bearings

    * Silent left/right hand retrieve

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